Book Cover: Red. nauk. Monika Porwoł, Daniel Vogel - Cogitations Students Papers on Language, Literature and Cultural Issues
Editions:Oprawa miękka (English)
ISBN: 978-83-60730-94-2
Pages: 219

We are contented to introduce the first written release of students’ proceedings to our readers. The present publication has been established to envisage our students’ points of view on issues connected with language theory and practice, literary topics, as well as some cultural matters regarding the English speaking countries. It is hoped that their ideas shall incite further deliberations among our speech community, i.e. English language students, academic lecturers, scholars and language investigators. On the basis of the overall faculty of thinking, with regard to a quite vast array of topics discussed in individual papers, we decided to title this issue Cogitations. The present collection of articles is subdivided into the following two parts. (Ze wstępu)