Book Cover: Stanislav J. Kavka - Selected Studies in English Linguistics
Editions:Oprawa miękka
ISBN: 978-83-60730-69-0
Pages: 285

Stanislav Kavka is one of the most distinguished successors of the great representatives of Prague School of Linguistics. This is reflected in both scope of his linguistic research as well as his ability to provide an indepth analysis of various linguistic phenomena from the synchronic as well as diachronic perspectives. Thanks to his ‘classical’ education and the structural-functional background Kavka reflects the elements and the phenomena of language in their mutual interrelations. In presenting the outcomes of his research Kavka keeps in mind his target readers, with the emphasis laid on his students in various countries where he has been working as a university teacher:  he has always pursued his lifetime mission – the mission of a unique teacher.  As a result, the “Selected Studies” provides us with intriguing linguistic essays with innovative approaches to and solutions of the problems discussed, written in a reader-friendly style. A truly remarkable book of essays by a remarkable personality of Czech – or better – European linguistics. Really worth reading…